When your stools colour is turning black, don’t be panic

Have you ever notice your stools colour that turning black. This is my experience, I discovered it for someday and even every day, the first time I noticed it, I thought there is bleeding in my intestine or something wrong with my digestive track.

But I don’t feel anything wrong with my body or feel any pain when defecating.

So do you know even biscuit like Oreo can makes your stools turning black?

Yeah it does… I found article about it.

I proved that, I’m addicted to Oreo, I must be available in my snack drawer. Every day I eat Oreo, it’s so delicious.

To prove that is true, I stop to eat Oreo for 3-4 days and the stools colour is turning back to the normal colour.

And now I know black poop doesn’t mean that you have problem with your digestive system or bleeding.

Now I eat Oreo again, and stop for being panic.

If having some experience like this and you notice you don’t eat something dark, it might be better if you see your doctor for checking.

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